Define Events

Built in triggers within Mumara Campaigns opens up wide range of selections to define events, it can be a calendar based event, an event based on customers’ lifecycle stage i.e. when field value changes, an event based on campaign i.e. some contact opens up a campaign (Specific or Global) or clicks link within campaign (Specific Link or Any), when a contact is added to a list or to a segment.

Variety of Preset Actions

“Triggers” has this built-in ability to automatically perform number of preset actions once a contact qualifies for the event criteria. There are number of options you can explore to trigger an actions followed by an event. These actions can help you automatically change the status or format, update field value, move or copy qualifiers to another list, send a tailored campaign, remove or add to suppression list, start a new drip campaign for the contacts added to a list and variety of other possibilities.

Time to Execute Actions

You can decide when the system should execute the action, once the event condition is fulfilled. You can either select an option to perform the action with an immediate effect soon after a contact qualifies for the event criteria, or you can set forth the exact timeframe for the action to take place subsequent to the event. Trigger time can be like Hours, Days, Weeks, Months or Years after the event took place.

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