Double Optin Forms

The best contacts with higher level of email engagement are the ones that reside within a double optin contact list. Collection and maintenance of a double optin list represents a process where you first collect contact details including the point to contact (Email), store them and send them an email with a confirmation link to confirm the validity of subscriber’s email. This is all you can do while creating a web form within Mumara Campaigns.

Stay Easy with Mumara Campaigns

Creating and placing a signup process takes time and technical effort, and Mumara Campaigns gets you cover on the both ends. There is a simple step by step process of setting up a signup form (Single or Double Optin), with desired number of fields to be placed on i.e. email, first name, last name, etc. Once completed, take the source code of the form, put it on the web, and your form is up fully operational.

Conveniently Store Contact Info

Instead of saving contact info somewhere else on the first place, and later importing the contacts to the list within your email marketing system, the process enables you to attach a signup form with a contact list of your choice, and upon completing the signup process, you will have the contact info automatically stored within the fields of selected list.

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