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AdStation by AdKnowledge

The leading resource of email data monetization, Adstation, claims that one can make tons of money by subscribing AdStation, and mindfully utilizing the email data one has. But simply sending isn’t enough; one has to generate clicks, and for that a well optimized sending infrastructure is required. MumaraClassic is all set with the AdStation API to help managing the workflow in a way to harvest the optimum profits. Get your AdStation publisher account integrated with MumaraClassic for better sending and improved click rates. Once you are done with effortless configuration of your account, manage entire operations of selecting, scheduling and sending from your MumaraClassic platform.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

CNAME Implementation and CTR Processing

Implement CNAME records for both ID and CD domains to point Web Farm Entry Point. Configure Image Domain (ID Domain) and Click Domain (CD) separately for better CTR processing.

Bot behavior Detection

Protect your account by effectively detecting the bot behavior. Setup a link expiration time and automatically expire the link for certain period of time after the single click is being recorded. AdStation doesn’t log the clicks during the expiration time.

Easy process & Batch Size

Make use of ID & ADK security token to appropriately configure the publisher account with MumaraClassic, select size from 100 to 500 for the batch request to supply for each connection. ADK returns the email campaign for the provide batch size.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Ensure Compliance

Separate boxes to provide all required links and text to appear in the email footer. Textboxes to provide the Address & Tagline to appear in the footer, e.g. Email Marketing Reinvented. Provide Our services URL, image URL of the logo to appear in the footer of email and link to privacy policy and ensure compliance.

Boost affiliate Revenue through MumaraClassic

Make use of all premium features offered by MumaraClassic to give a forward push to your affiliate revenue. Features like selecting Multiple SMTPs, Sending domains and other customization options will help you optimize your AdStation campaigns and boost click rates.

Test the account Information

Once the account is being configured, test the account information with AdStation. AdStation doesn’t log the request flagged as test, and testing ensures that the account has properly been configured with correct account information.
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