Integrated Addons

Instead of separately investing money and technical effort to purchase and get the 3rd party modules to work with your email marketing system, MumaraClassic has collected set of advanced modules integrated to seamlessly work with its structure. So stop worrying about adding more speed using Multithreading, fetching Geo Location of openers/clickers, or creating right PowerMTA configuration, MumaraClassic has everything for an ideal high volume email sending infrastructure.

High Volume Delivery and Sustainable Sender-Reputation

When you are high volume email marketer busy in making your database grow by targeting millions every day, you always need refined processes and set of features to keep the sender reputation intact and contact lists clean on the go. MumaraClassic has carefully collected all necessary features to give an extended protection against low sender-reputation, offers bunch of features to customize sending pattern, optimize sending speed and effortless performance of crucial tasks like keeping the list clean.

Largely Trusted by Digital Natives Worldwide

Companies and brands across the globe trusted Mumara to help them capitalize potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to expend their wings.

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