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User Management with Access Control List

As an email marketer, you sometime would give access to your clients to display the volumes you have sent and results you have generated without sharing the figures belonging to your other clients. Or you are following a business model where you want to give a separate account to each of your client to send on its own, without interfering or affecting the data/sending of other clients. It is where User Management helps you create user accounts while maintaining the level of security required.
User Management allows the admin user to setup user groups with proper access control levels to restrict number of lists, subscribers, SMTPs and put email limit for every user that will be added into this user group. A user account can create separate email lists, can add the subscribers, design email campaigns and can manage everything which the user group allows it to perform.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

User’s roles with access control list

The admin user account can create multiple user groups to later add users in. Each user group can be created with distinct names as per the role of the users in it, e.g. Account Manager, Newsletter Designers etc.

Access level control for user groups

Access control list offers the way to control the access level of the user’s roles and eventually the users within certain role. You can also set forth resource usage limit for the groups, i.e. hourly, daily, monthly sending limit along with no of lists, SMTPs and contacts allowed to the users in specific group.

User Accounts, Flexibility and Privacy

Easily add user accounts that can separately manage the Lists, Contacts and Campaigns, under the offered access levels and resource usage limits. User Account will be able to set the scheduled tasks like auto responders, trigger based campaigns or scheduled sending according to the time zone selected while adding the account.
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