Mumara Classic

Analytics & Geo Location States

For the performance oriented email marketing, you always need to analyze the effectiveness of your formerly sent campaigns, to scale the level of success or lack of it. If the sent emails are properly tracked for multiple measures to draw a proper analysis, it gives an advantage and ability to revisit the tactics, and improve for better performance. Being a solution for large volume email sender, MumaraClassic has given proper importance to its statistics and reporting module. From the primary measures to collect the statistics of openers or clickers, to the advanced geographical insights, MumaraClassic has everything for you to measure the effectiveness of your email campaign.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Measure the Success Rate

What’s the precise delivery rate of your campaign? How many have opened the received campaign or clicked the link in the email? It includes everything that you need to measure the success rate along with a summary to have a quick glimpse at the campaign under review.

Determine the Weaknesses

Learn how many of the contacts have unsubscribed from the list? What’s the exact bounce rate, how many emails belong to momentary delivery error (soft bounce) and how many are coming back with permanent delivery error (Hard Bounced)?

Geo Tracking & Domain Breakup

Navigate further through statistics to view geographical reports that upon collecting the geographical data, system reveals. It comprises of City, Region and Country of email opens and clicks. You moreover can view the exact breakup of domains using which contacts have opened the campaign.
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