Mumara Classic

FBL Processor-Processing Spam Complaints

While sending in bulk, email sometimes exposes to an angry recipient, who without bothering much about taking an option to unsubscribe, directly hits/marks the email as spam/ junk. You being sender need a system to process the complainant within your list with an immediate effect. Multiple complaints can really harm the IP reputation. Feedback loops is the way to report back the spam complaint to the original sender, and it has become essential part of an email sending infrastructure.
FBL Processing feature of MumaraClassic helps to configure an automated way not to only collect the spam complaints but also automatically process them within the database. Configure your spam server, and MumaraClassic will take care of rest, from processing of spam complaints to automatically deleting of the spam complaints from the spam to email account.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Easy Configuration

Step by step easy process to configure your FBL processing account with spam server/spam to email account, later after the configuration is done, system automatically starts and keep on processing the abuse reports to keep lists clean from spam.

Secure access

Option to select between POP and IMAP to access email on remote server/spam server, it offers secure access to spam server with ability to validate the Security Certificates (SSL/ TLS).

Details of Complainants

Once you have your FBL account configured and appropriately working, you will view the list of emails system has processed as spam for specific FBL account. You moreover can view the accurate time when the email was being marked as spam.
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