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Integrated Email Verifier

Email list hygiene is one of the key prerequisites of results oriented email marketing. Invalid emails constitute potential threat to the reputation of the sending IPs, and it is largely damaging to the overall delivery rates. Therefore, it is highly recommended practice to keep the list unpolluted, free from invalid emails and hard bounces. Email verifier helps keeping the list clean by performing the complete process of checking the validity of email addresses in selected email list(s). During the process, email verification tool utilizes more than one source to check if the email is valid. It establishes connection to the email server of the contact, inspects if the email contact has working MX record, does the domain exist or not? It also tries to confirm the existence of the actual username for the specific domain. And moreover, it automatically fetches the geographical location of the contact’s mail server.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Multilevel process of verification

It verifies the MX Record of contact’s email, connects to the mail server and ability to obtain the Geographical Location Data (Country). Verifies the existence of Domain Name, e.g. if the email address [email protected] is created using the domain, system verifies if the domain exists or not.

Geo Location & Advanced Verification

Ability to go even advance and verify the Username of the contact on the particular domain. E.g. it will check if the username “abc” exists on the domain “”. It also has ability to connect to the destination mail server to obtain the geographical location of the contact.

Possibilities for more targeted segments

Create Segments by contact’s Geo location obtained through the verification process. Apply advance Filtration options after the verification process is over for particular list, e.g. separate out the subscribers marked as “Verified” within the selected list(s)
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