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Spin Tag/ Content Spinner

It is important to effective email marketing that every recipient who receives and opens the email should feel like he/she is directly addressed by the sender. It is something you can do using Spin Tag function of MumaraClassic. Add variations in the content to make it relevant and somewhat unique for the contacts in the list, keeping bulk sending and content filters prospective in mind. Spin tag will let you provide alternative words or lines that will systematically rotate or spin for each recipient. One needs not to go through from a complex process to handle rotation; the spin tag feature automatically replaces the words and keeps spinning among the available alternative words, until the campaign finishes.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Placeholder Text

The placeholder refers to the text (word/phrase) needs to be replaced with alternative words for each recipient in the list. E.g. an example of the placeholder can be “Friend”.

Alternatives (words/phrases) for the Placeholder

A text box is provided to list possible alternative expressions for the placeholder text, e.g. possible alternatives for the placeholder “Friend” can be “Mate” “Buddy” “Fellow” and such.

Systematic process of Content Rotation

In result of {{Friend}} example tag, if the first recipient of the list will be addressed as Dear “Buddy” the second will automatically be greeted with Dear “Mate” and the cycle continues until the campaign finishes.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Create catchy Subject Lines

Subject lines are important for better open rate, exploring the potential of Spin Tags in subject line brightens the chances of achieving improved results.

Using Spin Tag in Email Campaign

Select one or multiple tags saved within the system while creating the content of campaign, MumaraClassic will manage the rest while sending.

Protection against content filters

Sending similar and sending in bulk can sometime trigger the spam filters, Spin Tags insert the required variations to protect against content filters.
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