Mumara Classic

Multithreading-Parallel Sending Activity

There are times, when one really needs to speed up sending. Like for sending a seasonal promotion to a large database, or a large volume marketing campaign and such. For such occasions, you never want the campaign to hit the recipient’s inbox when the event is over already. This is the right time to use the sending system resources in its maximum capacity to achieve certain throughput. Multithreading addon enables system for Parallel Sending Activity in single unit of time. It helps using the system resources in a way to achieve the desired throughput. The addon is too impeccably designed that it only takes two steps to setup desired amount of threads to run, where each thread will perform its function independently without interfering with others.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Number of Desired Threads/Connections

You can select as many as 500 threads to run simultaneously. The selected number of threads/connections will have the ability to simultaneously and independently perform the sending activity, without affecting the activity of parallel working threads.

Suitable batch size for each Thread

Explore couple of options to define a suitable batch size for each thread/connection. Let Mumara Decide will leave the task on Mumara to determine the batch size by dividing number of threads on number of contacts. Or take an option to custom Select Batch Size by yourself.

Treads for Campaigns-Sending Time

Apart from the number of threads defined in the general settings, sender will have this ability to separately select desired number of thread for specific campaign. Multithreading option eventually helps efficiently reduce the time of supplying emails to the mailer/SMTP.
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