Mumara Classic

Dynamic Content Tags

Relevant content is the key to not only boost the impact of your email but also to improve the open/click rates. One of the important aspects of creating relevant content is to follow some solid content personalization methods, dynamic content is among one of these. The “Dynamic Content Tag” addon of the MumaraClassic helps improving the results to a large extent, by providing a way to create content according to the sort of contacts. The addons is loaded with required functionality to help positioning the criteria and corresponding unit of content for a certain subset of contacts in the list. User can create partially or completely separate content for specific number of contacts/subscribers in the list, who qualify for the criteria laid out in the dynamic content.
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Select One, Multiple or even all Subscriber list(s)

The selection of the list(s) will limit the dynamic content to the particular selected list(s) only. E.g. If “List A” and “List E” is selected for the dynamic content tag, it will limit the effects of dynamic content to the contacts in the “List A” and “List E”.

Qualifying Criteria for the Content Unit

List one or more than one rules for the contacts to qualify for the specific content unit, e.g. a content unit for the French audience may have rules like When Email Contains .fr, and when the Custom Field Country is France.

Easily Setup, Select and Prioritize

Provided with editor to create both HTML and Text content for the new Content Unit, comprehensive list of rules to predefine qualifying criteria, drag up and down the Content Units to set high priority content unit above in the sequence and easily select dynamic tag while sending campaign.
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