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Domain Masking – Mask Forwarding Options

The addon offers an easy way to hide the identity of primary (Installation) domain, by forwarding or pointing the primary domain to another URL. Effectively carried out mask forwarding process prevents the recipients to see the primary domain name. Moreover, it doesn’t drop the tracking link to actively monitor the results. This incredible feature of MumaraClassic keeps the primary/ installation domain hidden, which eventually reduces the chances of getting trapped by the filters.
.htaccess uses Apache based web server environment and effects over the directory where its configuration file resides. E.g. the identity of can be concealed to expose another domain like by using .htaccess masking process. CNAME helps to map a domain to another domain’s URL by using CNAME DNS entries. E.g. can point to, and the recipients will not be able to view
Multi SMTP/MTA- IP Rotation

Effortless Configuration & Real-Time Testing

Automatically creates the .htaccess configuration file that the user can download and place in the web root directory, with an equally easy process of configuring CNAME to match with CNAME DNS entries. Later, automatically test if the masking domain is properly configured.

Select Multiple Domains for Sending Campaign

Adding multiple masking domains will later help to select more than one masking domains to send your campaign from. If multiple domains are selected, MumaraClassic automatically rotates these sending domains in Cyclic Order.

Reputation monitoring of the Masking Domains

Add as many masking domains as required without having to check for the domain reputation manually. Domain reputation monitoring feature of MumaraClassic has this ability to automatically check available domains against the number of selected blacklists.
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