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Mumara Email Delivery
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Your Email Delivery means a Million Dollars to us!

Mumara ONE

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Your all-in-one emailing platform
Marketing + Transactional Emailing
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Relay emails directly from your website or the application using Mumara API.
Get instant delivery status notifications posted to your URL using Webhooks.
Multi SMTP Creation
Multi SMTP Creation
Create multiple SMTP accounts for your multiple applications or staff members.
Dedicated Pools
Dedicated Pools
Setup multiple dedicated pools of IP addresses for your multiple purposes.

Drag and Drop Email Newsletter Builder

Create beautiful and responsive newsletters without having any prior knowledge of HTML or CSS using our Drag and drop newsletter builder.
Compose & design emails in mere minutes
Pick from hundreds of templates that match your style
Responsive designs
No design or coding skills needed
Personalize your email with text, images & more!
Flexibility to upload your own templates
Drag and Drop Email Newsletter Builder
Our advanced-level marketing and intellectual tools will work together to build up your brand and retarget your customers to come back. Trigger personalized emails based on your customer’s activity and interests. Our highly reputed network guarantees your email placement directly to the recipient’s inbox.

Exclusive Features

Our team has spent hundreds of thousands of hours and working hard on a daily basis to make everything perfect for you. Your trust in us will never let you down.
List Management
Manage your contact lists, add/import contacts, store additional data.
Deep Segmentation
Create segments of the contacts matching the desired criteria or based on similar engagements.
Trigger automated newsletters/drips and other actions based on a number of events.
Subscription Forms
Create subscription forms for your website and feed data to the contact lists.
Personalized Emailing
Personalize your email content by adding the recipient’s profile fields and conditional content.
Dynamic Content Tags
Create tags for the dynamic content units and add targeted content to your outgoing emails.
Realtime Analytics
Get real-time analytics, graphical statistics, and logs of your campaigns & email deliveries.
Delivery Insights
View deep-level reporting of the delivery and detailed explanation.
Health Monitor
Keep an eye on the health score of your account and individual IP addresses.
Blacklist Monitoring
Keep the Sending Domain and IP reputation higher by daily automatic blacklist monitoring.
Reply Processor
Connect your reply mailbox, view conversations, and make automated replies.
Future Scheduling
Schedule a campaign today for a future time and stay relaxed.
Speed Throttling
Send campaigns at your desired speed to obtain optimal results.
Contacts Synchronization
Connect with your third-party accounts and synchronize your contacts with them.
Landing Pages
Build your website and landing pages powered by Mumara, and connect them with the web forms to capture the leads.
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    Mumara as a Product

    Mumara Campaigns

    Take a step forward from the typical way of sending generic newsletters to remind your customers that you still exist. Use the Mumara platform to explore new possibilities of business communication, relationship marketing, prospect nurturing, and closing sales. Stay on the top by using a bunch of features and tools to send customized emails that the recipient can’t ignore.
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    Mumara Campaigns

    Highlighted Features

    We help our clients achieve tangible, high-impact results.
    Drip Campaigns
    A powerful automation tool to help you strengthen the roots of relationship marketing.
    Design the user experience by triggering a series of actions to be performed and automating the marketing flow.
    Deep Segmentation
    Don’t be irrelevant by sending the content beside the point. Make use of segmentation to create more targeted subsets.
    Highlighted Features
    Easy Opt-In Forms
    Follow a few simple steps to set up double opt-in forms with the fields of your choice and a proper flow of Confirmation.
    Personalization Options
    Use a personalized approach to creating and sending email content and establish long-lasting relationships with customers.
    Reporting That Matters
    Delve deep inside what has happened with the campaign you sent earlier, examine every aspect that counts.

    Mumara Campaigns

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    Self Hosted
    Download the product and host it on your server or a hosting account.
    Host the product on our cloud computing and get benefited from the managed services.

    A Glance on Mumara Products

    Mumara is a vendor of multiple applications and below you can find them.
    Mumara ONE
    An all-in-one solution for your newsletter.
    Mumara Campaigns
    Cloud, Self-hosted
    A powerful application for email marketing automation
    Mumara SMSplus
    Become an SMS service provider and start your own business
    Send SMS worldwide using your own sender-id
    The legendary email marketing application with over 30,000 users
    Mumara ClassicESP
    Build an email marketing company and automate the user’s setup
    John Smith
    Juuso Peltola
    My experience with Mumara Campaign+ as self-hosted has been absolutely incredible. If you really need proper and working bulk email sending system which actually and really works Mumara is your choice.

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    User Review
    Mumara Clients
    Mumara Clients
    Globalux Solutions

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    Mumara Blog
    Improving Email Deliverability: Understanding Email Marketing Laws
    Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses to connect with their audience, drive sales, and build customer relationships. However, it is important for businesses to understand and comply ...

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    Companies and brands across the globe trust Mumara to help them capitalize on the potential of existing clientele and find out new markets to their wings.

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