Adding IP Blocks/Ranges

Select a sending server, and conveniently add IP or IP blocks by following the set pattern. List multiple commas separated IPs, or add a block but just providing the range separated by a hyphen While adding, provide FDNS domain and a preferred prefix for the FDNS will eventually proposes FDNS for all the IPs in the range. So this doesn’t only add the IPs belonging to certain server, it also configures a domain that each IP would eventually resolve to.

IP Assignment

You are provided with a central control to manage all the IPs and IP blocks belonging to multiple servers. You can assign certain number of IPs to the shared pool. Shared pool of IP addresses is used for client side sending. You can keep certain number of IPs reserved for the later use, or can also change the status of an already assigned IP to unassigned, to make it available again. You also have the ability to take one or more IPs from the reserved pool and assign a dedicated IP to specific clients upon their request.

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