Mumara ClassicESP

White Label Sending

As an ESP using Mumara, you can offer couple of sending choices to your clients. Client account holder can opt to send from ESPs set domain, or can also set own domain to send it from. The latter option is recognized as white label sending within MumaraClassic ESP Edition.

Account Setup Wizard

Your clients are provided with a step by step process well-knitted within account setup wizard. Setting up non-white label accounts would require filling couple of details, while white-labeling takes your client forward to setup the sending domain. Appropriately setting up the client account for white label sending would enable the client account to send the emails from his/her preferred sending domain, instead of using the domain of Email Service Provider.
Account Setup
Email Authentications

Email Authentications

Email authentications are among the best practices that every sender needs to follow for sustainable sender reputation & better deliverability. When a client setup his/her account for white label sending, it doesn’t configure a sending domain merely with a CNAME record entry, the wizard also generates record values for primary mail authentications such as DKIM and SPF. Appropriate configuration of corresponding DNS records ensures better inbox placements.

Bounce Email Handling

White label sending comes with an extra advantage to configure a bounce to email address along with a sending domain and corresponding DNS records. The bounce email address would receive notifications of bounce emails/non-delivery reports, and application using POP/IMAP will read and process these emails as bounced within the lists belonging to specific client account. So white label sending not only ensures better inbox delivery but also an accurate processing of bounced emails to keep the list clean.
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