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RAM SSD Core CPU Bandwidth
Package 1GB 1GB 20GB 1 1TB
Package 2GB 2GB 30GB 1 2TB
Package 4GB 4GB 48GB 2 3TB
Package 8GB 8GB 96GB 4 4TB
Package 12GB 12GB 192GB 6 8TB
Package 24GB 24GB 384GB 8 16TB
Package 48GB 48GB 768GB 12 20TB
Package 64GB 64GB 1152GB 16 20TB
Package 80GB 80GB 1536GB 20 20TB
Package 16GB 16GB 20GB 1 5TB
Package 32GB 32GB 40GB 2 6TB
Package 60GB 60GB 90GB 4 7TB
Package 100GB 100GB 200GB 8 8TB
Package 200GB 200GB 340GB 16 9TB

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