Admin Staff Roles

Staff roles are the groups with complete access control list to help admin define access levels for the staff members in specific group. Admin can decide whether the staff members in specific group will have the ability to view the client lists or not? Will they be able to edit the client profile or change the status of clients? Everything can be controlled through Admin Staff Roles.

Staff Members

Staff members can play an active role in the well-timed management of your clients. They can assist you setup messages/notifications to broadcast for the clients to timely inform them about the due maintenance, can scrutinize compliance docs, can manage the tasks such as approval of the Sender-IDs, can maintain and time to time update the packages and plenty of other tasks.

Staff Member Accounts

Staff members accounts are easy to add, activate, delete or even temporarily deactivate. Each staff member account manages the account separately from the admin, and can have separate time zone preference that eventually helps the service providers with global client base to setup staff members as per the geographical outline of the clients.

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