Mumara SMSplus

Send from Your Preferred Gateway

SMS service providers with global scope always seeks and prefers to work with more than one sending gateways. Our platform is best suitable for them; where they can effortless integrate the system with preferred gateways.

Easy to Setup

We have collected some major global gateways i.e. Infobip, Clickatell, Twilio, and have thoroughly integrated our platform with their APIs. For you, providing your clients ability to send from one or multiple of the featured gateways is as easy as providing the account details to synchronize your account.
Easy Setup
Detailed Setting

Detailed Settings

Explore the potential of available gateways to the fullest. Select a preferred sending pattern for specific gateway to direct system for sending messages one by one in a Loop or send in defined size of Batches. Setup every gateway with a Fallback Sender ID, an alternative Sender ID to which system automatically shifts when the primary Sender ID of the clients with the specific gateway fails.

Response Processing

A utility based feature to help you cover up the complexity involves in sending from multiple gateways simultaneously, with diverse message responses. With a range of internal system responses, we have collected possible responses available gateways can return after the message attempt. Map the gateway responses with appropriate system response in order to keep responses easily readable and understandable for your clients.
Response Processing
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