Client Panel

Like the admin panel of MumaraSMS+, the client panel is full of options that offer a password protected access to your clients. The client panel can be hosted on a separate domain, like a subdomain belonging to the main service domain i.e. All of the client accounts registered with your service would access client panel by providing login credentials to the URL.

Easy Navigation and Dashboard

Navigating around and performing a function involves zero level of complexity. Everything is well-managed with clear titles representing the functionality you can perform. Client side dashboard is a valuable resource for your clients to keep note of important insights, like the top countries by message count, top networks and a graphical overview of stats showing the percentage of delivered, failed and sent messages

Intuitive Processes

Each of your clients can login to separately manage contact lists and the contacts within, compose and send text engagement campaigns, can apply Sender-ID to send branded SMS, and can view the performance analysis reports of the campaigns. Every function that your client performs is supported by assistive texts. For a closer look at what your clients can do, click the link to explore the client side features with more details.
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