Topup Plan

It is one of the most suitable plans to run SMS marketing service, fitting for both the admin as well as for the clients. It offers all required options to set forth different pricing slabs; among which clients can select the appropriate slab according to their sending volume and topup funds. Topup plans are most flexible, where you can set per SMS cost on different levels. One parent price for all the system, per SMS cost on country level and per SMS cost on network level.

Auto Upgrade/Downgrade

For topup plans, SMS cost generally decreases with an increase in estimated volumes to send. You can put forward lower and upper sending limits for each slab. If the sender doesn’t meet the lower sending limit, system will automatically downgrade the slab after the evaluation period, and crossing the upper limit will impact the otherwise to further decrease the sending cost for specific client.

Credit Plan

Working and execution of the credit plan is similar to a topup plan, with a difference of how clients will recharge their account. In case of Credit Plan, your clients will purchase the credit and you will set number of credits to deduct per SMS send. You can also set the number of credits the monetary unit will add to the client account, i.e. 3 credits for $1.

Monthly Subscription

It is an easy going pricing model, where your cost remains unchanged for all the networks/countries. Means, per SMS cost will remain the same. You simply create few packages with sending volume, number of contacts allowed, number of Sender-IDs allowed etc. And your clients simply subscribe to one of the package they find suitable. These kind of packages mostly suit to the providers that offer service in certain region/country, where per SMS cost doesn’t make significant difference across different networks.

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