Geographically Distributed Sending Zones

Zones are primarily setup by adding countries to reflect a destination zone, and selecting the desired gateways to perform sending operations for certain zone. Once the selection is made, it allows using drag and drop function to sequence the gateway priority. Top of the sequence reflects the 1st priority gateway to send messages from, while the gateways down in the sequence are to be considered when the top priority gateway fails due to any reason.

Network Based Priority

Narrow down the sending priority and take it one step forward to setup gateway priority for the networks in specific country. Networks can either inherit the zone level settings of gateway priority or can also have gateway preferences separate than what is set in the zone. As a result, system can send to specific network according to its specific gateway preferences.

Cut Text Message Cost

Zoning really helps you cut the sending cost to a significant extent. Service providers with global scope can best reap the advantages by creating destination zones consisting of one or more countries, and setting up suitable gateway that offer low cost sending for the specific geography. Sending cost can be reduced even more,  if you have network based gateway priority in place.

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