Get Rid of Message Failures

Keeping message failure rate in control is not only valuable for your clients but also important for the service providers. Regulatory authorities always keep an eye on message failure rate to single out services that relay unsolicited messages. Validation helps your clients separating out invalid numbers that reflect potential failure, and maintain a list that carries deliverable contacts only. Validated lists leave failure rate as low as unnoticeable.

Validation Gateway and Cost

Admin has the ability to set parental controls, preferred validation gateway (service) between the available, and can also set forth per number validation cost for the client. Similar to the scope of zoning, admin can setup one or more gateways and can prioritize them accordingly. Once the client account requests validation, system shows the cost set for the validation and validates the contact using top priority validation service.

Pre-sending Network Identification

Validation helps the system to accurately identify the network and the country of the mobile carrier before processing it for the sending. This ability to identify the mobile carrier eventually enables making the network based priority relevant for the sending. It enables system to first run the internal process of detecting the destination zone, and identifying with the network to send it keeping the gateway priority setting of that specific network.

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